VOIF Bugout:
      Composed for the Cyndustries Bug Off 2005 competition, where the theme was "Singing Robots". It took second place, surprisingly.

Tour Hades by Flashlight and Elevator:
      Composed for AH 2004 Halloween modular synth compilation.

      A short IDM piece complete with oddly timed drums, stuttered bit reduced samples, and wonky sounds.

      Messing with a formula for smooth electro.

      Experimental synthesized take on something or other with an eastern flare. Maybe I'd been listening to too much Muslimgauze... it's another live in one-pass recording thingy.

      Vocoder electro for a special someone on a special day. They get a schnarf.

      Modular ambient droning. What else is there to say?

Collapsing New Buildings:
      A quick demo of an OasysPCI Multi I made using subtractive synthesizer techniques to recreate a metallic percussion kit a la Einsturzende Neubauten.

      Jamming out something vaguely like "Trans Europe Express" on a tr606, asq10, er1, sh101, minimoog, and oasys pci, done by one person (me) recorded in one pass.

Depeche Mode-Dream On (XIL's EBM Mix):
      remix of the recent Depeche Mode single, done with the intention of dancing it up a bit. It's definitely cheesy dancefloor ebm, not what I'd do for personal gratification, but lets face it, DM is pop music...